Wednesday, March 17, 2010

About this blog - *Updated* (March 17th, 2010)

Updated Sept. 9th, 2010

In this blog, I feel I have an outlet, where I can express my views and opinions on issues or events going around in this world that in the absence of this blog, I feel I otherwise would not have. I mostly write about issues that I feel strongly about. I usually relate it to my own personal life experiences either in  school or not. Sometimes, I write about what I feel I like to share. At other times, I find myself too busy to write anything at all or with nothing I'd like to share. My views are not written to be as provocative as possible; it's just the case that I might have views that might not always be right in the middle. However, I try to defend or justify my views as I best can.

I write a lot about Korea as I find a lot of interest in that country for its own sake -- something that may not be shared by others in general. The country has such a strange history -- same borders, same people for so long that it has led to the development of rather peculiar institutions that I believe are unique to the Korean peninsula  Sometimes, I feel this is something that is relevant to a larger audience (Sometimes not). I wrote a series on my personal experiences that I feel have strongly shaped who I am today and how I view the world and Korea in particular.

While I haven't profited from this blog nor do I expect to anytime soon or ever -with such a niche audience, I do reserve the right to change my views in light of new information. In particular, I also reserve the right to be wrong and to change my mind in light of new information. Postings on this blog may not be reprinted or reused in full without my permission  --  Sometimes, I post entire essays. I do give permission and encourage others to expand upon my postings or reprint short excerpts of my postings provided that the author of the posting and the name of the blog are cited.

About the name of this blog

Stella Kim, who is now a UC Berkeley  alumnus first started and created the DeCal, an accredited student-led course, entitled "Breaking Down Borders: North Korea."

--Joe Chang

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