Wednesday, July 22, 2009

British Documentary About the Korean War

Talking about President Truman (see the post below), who I believe was the single reason that the Korean War was bloody as it was and ended in the way it did. He fired General MacArthur and refused the hundreds of thousands of soldiers the Republic of China (Taiwan) wanted to send over to fight in Korea (But that would've made for an intersting story -- Chinese soldiers fighting on both sides of the war) .

British Documentary About the Korean War – July, August 1950

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But on another note, I wonder how many soldiers from how many different nationalities actually fought in Korea.

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  1. I will agree that Truman was responsible FOR the United States entering into the Korean War, which spin masters at the time kept insisting was instead a "police action." Though unlikely, better that he had chosen to keep us out of that Civil War.

    Firing General MacArthur was of course one of the best things Truman ever did. The "Republican's General" was guilty of treasonous behavior; conceivably mad due to his failures in the field. MacArthur should have been SHOT.

    What would have been the result if MacArthur had been allowed to use those nuclear weapons stored in Japan against China as he kept insisting upon? Does that smell like victory to YOU?