Sunday, July 25, 2010

[The Los Angeles TImes Again...] I don't understand Barbara Demick...

In a piece, entitled, "Doubts surface on North Korea's role in ship sinking,"Barbara Demick and John M. Glionna write:
But challenges to the official version of events are coming from an unlikely place: within South Korea.

Armed with dossiers of their own scientific studies and bolstered by conspiracy theories, critics dispute the findings announced May 20 by South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, which pointed a finger at Pyongyang.
Now, mind you, I haven't read any of Barbara Demick's award winning book, Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea, which I do plan to someday. But, I just don't understand her. Why on earth would someone who won multiple awards for writing about North Korean lives seemingly push forth the agenda of the South Korean left?

Is she doing this because at heart she really believes that reporting the "scientific evidence" -- that seemingly originate from only South Korea by the way -- that casts blame on sinking of the Cheonan elsewhere is fairer reporting? Or, simply, to spread misinformation? It's a news article and not an editorial. Or, as is more likely, is she doing this to deliberately to push forth the agenda of the South Korea left?

When I had earlier criticized an article she had written, I didn't know she was a reporter for the Los Angeles Times. As someone suggested I write more of my personal experiences on this blog rather than on "dry and boring topics that would be best left for experts," I thought it would be a neat exercise to dissect an editorial by an award winning author. In the process, I thought it to be tantalizingly strange that a reporter for Los Angeles Times, who wrote an award winning book on the lives of ordinary North Koreans, would push forth the agenda of the South Korean left.

So, now, I am left puzzled by her reporting. If she writes a book that attracts attention to a topic that most people would like to avoid reading --lives of ordinary North Koreans than why would she push forth an agenda whose main aim is to prolong the current North Korean regime and in the process hurt the lives of ordinary North Koreans.

It really is puzzling. And, no, I do not believe that the reporting of deliberately false stories or articles with an agenda leads to a more open mind. For evidence of this look, one needs to look no further than at what the ballot initiative or direct democracy has brought to the otherwise golden state of California.

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