Thursday, December 30, 2010

How many North Koreans Are Relegated to be just Waitresses for China?

About a month ago, I was in a long line to see one of my old professors, and sitting next to me at the time were three graduate students from China. If you ever meet me in real life, you'll notice that I like to talk and ask quite frequently about people, places, and things I identify with, such as California and Korea and a multitude of cities in both states. And sure enough, I asked the graduate students if there were any North Koreans in China and was told that a lot of North Korean ladies are in the service industry in China with a belittling look. I rarely get offended by such talk, but as I sit here and wonder how many North Koreans are relegated to be waitresses in China, I wonder how the conversation would've went if I brought up that the manner in which you describe North Koreans is the exact image that Chinese nationals hold in South Korea. Also, pregnant North Korean refugees in China that are caught by North Korean fascist agents undergo abortion forcibly as they try to ensure that Korean blood does not become tainted. I'm curious how their reaction would be to such a comment and if I were to see them again, I want to see if Chinese nationals really view Koreans to be too nationalistic as I have picked up on the Internet during the Winter Olympics some time ago when Korean female athletes held up a sign claiming that "Mt.  Baekdu is ours." 

Anyways, I would be grateful if someone could provide a link to a paper or data set that can provide an answer to how many north Koreans are relegated to low level service jobs in China. Happy New Year ^^

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