Sunday, December 19, 2010

I like the Internet so much because...Are the Korean and Mongolian languages related and, if so, how?

edit: 12/20 for clarity
edit: 12/21 corrected dates of regarding King Sejong's rule...
I haven't posted in a while as I've been and am being treated for falling from a wall I was trying to climb. I like to think I'm like superman at times and I guess this has been another episode, albeit one unlike any other in my life. In treatment, I haven't had an Internet connection and during this time I've arrived at an answer to the question, why do I like the Internet so much? to answer the question of why I like the Internet so much.

In this blog, I feel I have an outlet, where I can express my views and opinions on issues or events going around in this world that in the absence of this blog, I feel I otherwise would not have. I mostly write about issues that I feel strongly about. I usually relate it to my own personal life experiences either in school or not. Sometimes, I write about what I feel I like to share. At other times, I find myself too busy to write anything at all or with nothing I'd like to share.
But, this only accounts for a fraction of what attracts me to the Internet. At the hospital, I've come to feel very lucky when a newspaper became available to me. However, gaining access to a newspaper has also made me wish I still had access to not just a single newspaper, but to the ability to read or search for articles amongst thousands of newspapers, publications, and blogs via the Internet. These feelings have shown up after I got injured thinking I was Superman. I tried climbing up a wall and fell down.

A time when I really felt like Superman was during my summer vacation in 2009 in in guess where and where... ? ^^

I don't quite remember the source, but a few years ago I remember reading -- perhaps it was when the Wikipedia was first introduced -- the claim that Korean and Mongolian are some how related to each other. I believe Korean as a language not unlike  the Japanese language is traditionally classified as not belonging to a branch of languages, such as Altaic. One of the nurses that I have met during my recovery has been a Mongolian immigrant to California. I told her about this claim and how one of the examples had been how saying the "right side" in Korean and Mongolian are almost homonyms.

In Korean, one form of saying right side happens to be "Ba-reun-jjok" -- it's not my computer here so I can't access the Korean written language, which by the way had been invented under the rule of King Sejong the Great, who happens to be a great grandfather dating back to the 15th century CE on my mother's side and a reason why I tell my brother he needs to become more fluent in Korean. For more details, maternally, the creator of the lineage happens to be none other than King Sejong the Great's ninth son.

According to the Mongolian nurse, right side in Mongolian happens to be none other than "Ba-rrohn" (with a rolling r here).

Another claim of the paper had been that the Korean dish Bulgogi or Beef was a descendant of, well, guess what, "Mongolian Beef." I wish I had Internet access as I need to get going now.

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