Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reportage of causes for Reduced inter-Korean trade figures in both North Korea Economy Watch and Yonhap are just flat wrong or blindly misguided. *final rev*

12/27 rewritten for clarity

Causation in the posting below is just flat wrong.
Inter-Korean trade falls sharply amid heightened tensions

According to Yonhap:
Inter-Korean trade has fallen about 30 percent this year, largely affected by South Korea’s move to cut almost all business relations with North Korea after the North sank one of its naval ships in a torpedo attack in March, the customs office said Wednesday.
This is absolutely ridiculous. If a state takes hundreds of lives from a neighboring country, then to suppose the response of country that had lost hundreds of her citizens is the cause for the fall in trade between the two countries is bewilderingly ridiculous. It is as if this article completely ignores the horrendous sinking of the ROKN (Republic of Korea Navy's) Cheonan and the attack on South Korea's Yeonpyong island. The fall in trade reflects terrible relations between North and South Korea as North Korea seeks a security guarantee from the United States as North Korea has announced a successor to Kim Jong Il.

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