Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Breaking Down Borders: Korea, DeCal Update

I'm happy to announce that the DeCal, Breaking Down Borders: Korea will be offered this semester.

This is an excerpt from the official DeCal Page:
The DeCal Program (or just DeCal) is a student-run democratic education program at the University of California, Berkeley - here, students create and facilitate their own classes on a variety of (often unorthodox) subjects.

Each semester we support over 150 courses facilitated by students, for students, on topics ranging from Taiwanese Language to Simpsons and Philosophy. These are accredited Pass / No Pass courses on our campus. To facilitate a course, a student must find a faculty sponsor. For example, a student wishing to facilitate a course on a favorite book can find an English professor to sponsor the course (as English 98/198 on student transcripts.)

Around 3000-4000 UC Berkeley students take DeCals each semester. DeCals are awesome, popular, and all the cool kids take them. So if you’re a UC Berkeley student, check it out.

It will start either during the 3rd week or 4th week of instruction and class will be from 6-8pm on Mondays. I just submitted a request for a classroom today, so I don't know where the class will be as of yet, but you can find the syllabus here. And, while I do have the course control numbers (CCNs) for UC Berkeley students, as I just sent the paperwork to the DeCal office in the MLK building the course is not yet listed on the site. I will post more information as it becomes available.

I am also fairly certain that I will try podcasting the presentations as well through this blog. as well.

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