Monday, August 10, 2009

Some postings from the first two months...

Korean's invented Chinese Writing (June 12th, 2009): Written after hearing that my aunt, who has a very mild and uncombative personality, express her very firm opinion that Chinese Writing (한자, 漢字) was indeed a "Korean creation." Curious about this and shocked to find that it was Chinese propaganda that gave birth to this myth, I credit this article has having driven to me to create this blog.

Response: U.S./Democracy, Anti-Americanism (June 16th, 2009): I argue against many of the more common perceived injustices allegedly perpetrated by the United States against Korea and/or Koreans.

Dangerous Times : Extended Deterrence (June 17, 2009): It was the first major news event -- Lee-Obama Summit in Washington, D.C., that occurred after the blog was created. I write that I've never felt a time in my life when I felt the chance of war was higher.

Korea is not as cool as Japan (June 23, 2009) : A critique on how Korea has been unable to effectively advertise it's brand name. Since then, I've found out that the slogan adopted by the Tourism Board in Korea is "Korea, Sparkling" after its multi-year, failed effort of "Dynamic Korea." Also, here are a couple other poorly crafted tourism slogans:

Andalucia. There’s only one. If you can’t think of anything else to say about a place, this should work.

Annapolis, Maryland’s “Come Sail Away” — inviting visitors to come… and leave, preferably by boat.

“Wales. The Big Country” No, Canada is a big country. So is China. And India, Brazil, Australia. If you’re going to start making **** up, why not say Wales is a tropical island with white sandy beaches and attractive, well-tanned natives who serve free beer around the clock ("Tourism Slogans" : The Titanic Awards).

Wales is a Big Country. I'm headed there tomorrow. :)

North Korea Update: Relentless Scolding and the State of the Six Party Talks (July 31, 2009) : I write:

"On a personal note, I'm surprised that North Korea hasn't done more to garner more U.S. attention and lets hope that this august will be a quiet august. "
Yes, I am trying to insinuate that a part of me was predicting a Clinton-type trip. This was, after all, written right after I talk about the high risk of war in Dangerous Times : Extended Deterrence (June 17, 2009). After the sanctions, and Gangnam I being followed by a U.S. ship and the high chance of a military conflict in the Yellow (West) Sea, nothing happens...

Why Clinton's trip is not appeasement (August 4th, 2009) : More recently, I argue why Clinton's trip is not appeasement. Of course, in hindsight, it looks rather silly and obvious, but before those images of a triumphant Clinton landing in Burbank, California, I'd like to think it wasn't that obvious. A couple producers from BBC Radio's "Have Your Say" actually invited me to their August 5th show after reading this article I believe. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to respond back in time -- there was a four hour gap after receiving the e-mail invitation and the show. And, as I'm currently in London -- somewhat ironically, I have data roaming turned off, so the Internet connection on my iPhone comes and goes.

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