Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Plagarism," Lazy Journalists, and on the nature of covering North Korea

"Blatant Plagarism"
Felt the need to pick up on this. Joshua Stanton:
Of course, the readers of this Daily Telegraph photo essay might learn a great deal more if they could see the images in the context in which I published them, along with the text and video clips with which they’re presented. And perhaps because I’ve never seen dime one from all of the hard work I put into this, it angers me to see my work published below slick banner ads from airlines, sports promotions, or advocacy groups with big budgets … without any attribution whatsoever.
Apparently, Chosun Ilbo then picked up on this from the Daily Telegraph. For some time now, it goes to show how lazy journalists can be and how you should take things with a grain of salt...
I've been saying this for some time now and, especially on the topic of North Korea. But, in particular, I bring this up is as, well, I mean the nice thing about posting about North Korea is -- unlike some other fields that I'd like to write about -- there is only so much known about North Korea and most of it is publicly available. And, much of this does not really get digested in the mainstream press or by journalists covering the issue. Usually, it's just a number of headlines in differing publications that all originate from a single source. This, of course, then gets rehashed and editorialized in newspaper editorials and even cable networks. This makes blogs particularly useful in that it helps to understand and dissect most of these editorials, most of which on North Korea can be summed up in a couple sentences...

But, of course, it's a lot easier to write when you actually enjoy writing what you post on topics you enjoy reading. And, of course, it's a lot easier when you're not making any money off of this and choose to do so at your leisure...

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