Friday, June 11, 2010

[World Cup 2010 South Africa] Joe's Picks

So, I decided to do it. I couldn't get myself to put down a $100 or even $20 on North Korea winning the World Cup. Unlike the past entry, "[World Cup & North Korea] North Korea in a nutshell," this is more of a journal entry I guess.

I'm attending summer school, so I'm far away from Los Angeles again, where the Staples Center will be overrun with Koreans and Los Angeles will be up until five morning with a Korean victory.  Rather, I'm headed to San Jose tonight with its larger Korean community rather than Oakland or San Francisco, which has a rather select number of venues. . Anyways, I do have a certain number of picks:

Note: I'd like to say gambling is a terrible vice and I deposited $80 for the entire world cup and I'm not a big fan of going through a bookie... However, I am looking to hopefully take a summer trip to Vegas -- if I can afford it -- where I will probably spend most of my time partying and watching other people gamble rather than gamble myself.

Among my other picks for the World Cup, I've also bet that South Korea will take it all the way and that the United States of America will defeat the hated English. I also bet that the Koreas, Japan, and the United States will all make it to the round of sixteen; I bet that Portugal would not. Bets on futures cannot be parlayed on the site I use.

With that said, I will be in San Jose tonight -- I'm up in Berkeley again for a summer school course and I find pleasure in watching a Korean football with other Koreans. Let's hope South Korea or Korea Republic -- which I wrote about in past topics as a form of Koreans denying that their country is still divided -- does not disappoint in the way that the Lakers did last night. 

As Koreans like to say, "Fighting!" 화이팅~

Translation: 'Let's Go Korea."

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