Thursday, October 1, 2009

[DeCal] Presentations, Units

Next week will mark the first week of presentations. We understand that asking for an hour long presentation is something that takes quite a bit of effort as is reflected in the course grade(30% of your grade). And, I'm putting this up as a reminder to not get started too late. Each and every student in the group will be expected to talk.

Furthermore, facilitators will make themselves available to meet at 7pm on Sundays at the FSM Cafe to help out on the presentations. Joseph and Amanda have committed to being there each week and John will also be there to help beginning the following Sunday, where we hope to meet with any of the groups that would like to prepare for their presentation. We also highly recommend that when preparing for the presentation that all recommended reading actually be read; an hour is a long time.

This is a 2-unit course.

If you enrolled for one unit:

This is the policy as is written on

You can take it for one unit, if you'd like, but this would still mean that you'd be responsible for all the material as if you were taking it for two units. In other words, you wouldn't be able to just come to the first hour and then say, "Oh. It's 7pm. Time for me to head out. I'm only taking it for a unit." This is basically for those that are concerned about a unit cap, but still need 13 units to be considered a full-time student.

If you enrolled for three units,
You need to do a "reatroactive petition to change the variable units from 3 to 2." The paperwork can be found from L&S; otherwise, you "risk receiving a No Pass grade."

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