Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) Event today

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Hi, i'm on the students, Min-Jae Chang

and I wanted to update you guys on a screening that is put on by LiNK, my friend sent this to me and I wanted to forward it to you so yes. Here it is, and if you want to send it to the class, that would be cool too. Thank you.

On Wednesday, 10/21 (tomorrow night!) LiNK Outreach:Bay Area will be
screening the documentary called "Seoul Train." This film follows a couple
of North Koreans as they try to escape the economic and political
hardships of their homeland into countries like China and Mongolia.

It's a really interesting, heart-breaking film. I highly recommend you
come out and watch it! Expand your horizons! Learn something new! Fight
for a good cause.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you Wednesday night!

7 PM
2040 VLSB

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