Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Group Presentation Guidelines

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From: "Breaking Down Borders: Korea Fall 2009 Team" <koreandecal09@gmail.com>
Date: October 27, 2009 6:51:24 PM PDT
Subject: Group Presentation Guidelines

Hello Group 4!

The facilitators have discussed and agreed to have the groups follow this criterion when presenting.

-  Please do not simply copy and paste information onto slides.  Please take the time to take the information, analyze and organize it into a more presentable manner.
-  On a similar note, please do not merely read off a script.  Take the time to present to the class key points of observation and analysis drawn from the readings.  It will add more to our class discussion and understanding of your group's topic.  Engage the class with key facts, observations and analysis.
-  Please cite the texts that you used in your slides.
-  Take the time to meet with the facilitators during prep sessions.

We will be grading on a scale of one to five on the basis of this criterion. 
We believe by now, the class has seen what has and has not been effective when giving presentations, so please keep these considerations in mind. 

Otherwise, we really appreciate all the hard work everyone has put in so far!
-  The Facilitators

Breaking Down Borders: Korea

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